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The fight continues   Leave a comment

Well, alyvapaa seems to have decided that I am not allowed to make any posts in their discussion forum. Their loss if they don’t want to listen to a voice of reason.

They have deleted all my posts as well as posts made by my supporters.

This does not mean that they have won. We are now rallying our forces and using a different tactic. I have broken my own rules and am now posting using several different nicknames. I also have a fairly large group of people who are keeping an eye on the discussion that is going on some of whom are ready to make an official complaint the moment that a new racist post appears.

After making my last post, people started to vote in the opinion poll and seemed to have messed things up a bit as the poll was announced to be null and void due to the amount of votes appearing in the wrong side of the column.

Remember that vapaa Juankoski declares itself to be a party where everybody is free to make comments and where discussion is uncensored. Remember as well that aly vapaa Juankoski is aligned with the racist and outspoken Suomen Itsenaisyys Puolue.

The fight continues regardless of what they do. Somebody has to speak out for the silent majority.


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