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Well, alyvapaa seems to have decided that I am not allowed to make any posts in their discussion forum. Their loss if they don’t want to listen to a voice of reason.

They have deleted all my posts as well as posts made by my supporters.

This does not mean that they have won. We are now rallying our forces and using a different tactic. I have broken my own rules and am now posting using several different nicknames. I also have a fairly large group of people who are keeping an eye on the discussion that is going on some of whom are ready to make an official complaint the moment that a new racist post appears.

After making my last post, people started to vote in the opinion poll and seemed to have messed things up a bit as the poll was announced to be null and void due to the amount of votes appearing in the wrong side of the column.

Remember that vapaa Juankoski declares itself to be a party where everybody is free to make comments and where discussion is uncensored. Remember as well that aly vapaa Juankoski is aligned with the racist and outspoken Suomen Itsenaisyys Puolue.

The fight continues regardless of what they do. Somebody has to speak out for the silent majority.


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vapaa Juankoski (or maybe alyvapaa!   Leave a comment

Well, recently I decided to start taking part in the discussions on vapaa Juankoski’s internet pages. Unfortunately most of what I wrote was the complete opposite of what all the other users were writing. I guess that I hit a nerve as first they took my posts off and told me that they only accept Finish language (totally against the law as Finland is a bi-lingual country by constitution) then they started to say that they didn’t want to read bad Finnish and started to say that ’maybe I don’t understand as I am not Finish’ I took this to be a racist remark and said so. They removed that post as well.

I have since started to get really annoyed as everything that I wrote there was removed, even though all I was trying to do was to take part in a civilized and open discussion about important local matters.

Well, I decided to take a leaf out of their book, they have a petition to remove the major of Juankoski going which they are posting everywhere, so I made a petition to ban vapaa Juankoski and posted it on their pages and on Suomi24 discussion about them.

This seems to have really got them worked up, they are now trying to claim that I have been slagging off and slandering people, that I have been spreading hate speech and that I have been breaking the law, all exactly the same things that they do constantly! Now they are trying to threaten me by saying there is an ongoing investigation which will result in me being banned from the discussion forum for life. Bear in mind that these are the same people who ’saved’ Säyneinen school from closure thus meaning that the town now has 100 000€ less to spend on education thus making every child suffer. They held the town over a barrel by claiming that they would leave if the school was closed. This is not what democracy and freedom of speech is supposed to be about. Democracy is the dictatorship of the majority not the minority. Of course, nobody else can use the same tactics that they do, that would be illegal…

Anyway, as their chat room is open for public comment and requires no more than a nickname and valid e-mail account to write there, I am keeping going, somebody has to be the voice of reason when there are others spreading bigotry and hate speech about.

You can check out their webpages here
their petion here and my petiotion here

I am being very open about my dislike of what they do, they are against all proposals that could improve things in this town, they were even against rennovating the health center and primary school!

I encourage everybody to go and read the postings on their pages, to check out the petitions and sign or not depending on how they feel, and to make their minds up themselves. I am all for freedom of speech and think it is very important, and would not like to see that any discussion forum is closed down or censored, nor do I want to see them being banned. Neither am I very happy about having to stoop to their levels, but if that is the only way to get through to them then I guess that is what I have to do.

Anyway, decide for yourselves, I do not dictate to others but just inform them of my educated and researched opinion and let others make their own minds up.

All I want is an open and honest discussion.

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